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Become a lash stylist in miami beach. Lash artist training in miami beach will bring you a lot of revenue. Lash artist training in bal harbour are amazing treatments and a great investment you can add to a salon, spa, tattoo studio.
You cant walk around anywhere and not notice every woman with drop dead gorgeous lashes! Not all Lashes are done the same. Here is your opportunity to learn from the best or to freshen your skills. We provide web based classes, as well as hands on. Thank us later!

Become A Lash Stylist 
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Flashy Lashies Training Programs

Flashy Lashies has trained numerous of lash stylists around the world in eyelash extension application. Flashy Lashies is always forefront of product and training innovation. Stay ahead of the competition with the latest application methods by becoming a Certified Flashy Lashies Lash Stylist!
Flashy Lashies provides multiple hands-on Training Packages to suit both experienced lash stylists and beauty and health professionals wishing to become a lash stylist without prior experience in eyelash extensions application.

Extensive Hands-On Training

by Experienced Trainers

Flashy Lashies Training Programs are conducted nationwide. The training has a low ratio of up to 10 students per trainer. Certified Flashy Lashies Trainers undergo a rigorous boot camp and participate in numerous Training Programs as a trainee to help ensure you receive the absolute best training available worldwide. You will be educated by the most experienced eyelash extension trainers.

Standardized Curriculum

 Flashy Lashies Training Programs are consistent throughout the world. No matter what Training Program you attend, you will learn the same skills and knowledge required to be successful in the eyelash extension industry. Consumers demand consistency and no other company provides a more high value, structured, professional and consistent eyelash extension training program than Flashy Lashies.

Trainees must be licensed, have strong credentials in health or beauty, or be a student currently enrolled in a licensure program. Beauty School and Health Professional Students must have completed at least 1/3 of their curriculum in order to enroll.

Lash Artist Training in Bal Harbour